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Colt Model 1861 Navy/Navy Conversion Revolver. Referred to as the Navy/Navy in that it was original issued as an 1861 Navy revolver. In the early 1870's, these were recalled by the factory, converted to fire the self-contained cartridge, and a small portion were reissued to the United States Navy for use on the Frigates and Cutters. These were stamped on the bottom of the barrel "R.W.M." (Richard W. Meade) with a Naval anchor. This inspector was a commodore in the U.S. Navy. His initials are only found on the Colt Navy Model conversions. He served Ordnance duty beginning in 1869 until 1873 and was at the New York Navy yard from 1873 to 1876 as an inspector of Ordnance. Revolvers with his inspector stamp include the Colt Model 1851 and 1861 Navy Model conversions that totaled 2,099 for both models. These are the only known guns inspected by Meade.

Due to low production and service at sea, very few have survived in fine condition. This is one of those examples. Barrel retains approximately 70% of the Colt high polish blue finish. Cylinder scene is perfect. All numbers match with the exception that the cylinder was originally 61953 but was renumbered 7071 at time of conversion and can be found stamped directly below original number. Right side of the frame retains approximately 50% original case colors. Left side of the frame has traces of case colors, balance patterned out. Brass trigger guard and backstrap show no signs of plating. Very good pair of original one piece walnut grips with numerous bumps and bruises. Wedge is not numbered. Indexes and locks up like a new revolver. Strong rifled bore. This is by far one of the nicer surviving examples of an 1861 Navy issue conversion revolver.

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