Rare and Exquisite Luftwaffe General's Sword by Carl Eickhorn

Our Price: $17,900

A rare and exquisite example of a Luftwaffe General's Sword made by "Carl Eickhorn". The Luftwaffe General's Sword was commissioned by Reichsmarschall and Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Hermann Göring. Hermann Göring was well known for his extravagant taste and flashy appearance. The decor and appearance of the organizations under his direct command would mirror that of his own personal tastes, most especially the Luftwaffe. When the uniforms of the Luftwaffe were designed, every detail was taken into account. This attention to detail made the Luftwaffe's articles and appearance some of the most ornate and well designed ensembles, compared to that of other Third Reich organizations. These ornate general rank dress swords were no exception, and the details right down to the screws were scrutinized during the design and manufacturing process.
The 29-1/2" nickel plated blade is in a near mint plus condition. The ornate, acid etched panels on the blade and spine are crisp and shine brightly. The blued panels on each side of the blade contain two separate gold inscriptions which read; "Der Reichsminister der Luftwaffe - Hermann Göring", and "In Dankbarer Anerkennung" which translates, respectively, to "The National Minister of Aeronautics - Hermann Göring", and "In Grateful Recognition". The blued panels show only very minor freckling in some areas and light runner marks on the high edge of the blood groove.
The hilt, hand-guard, clam shells, and pommel are made from gilded solid brass. The hinged clam-shells are fully functioning and lock into place tightly. The front clam-shell features a silver plated, brass second pattern Luftwaffe eagle which is held firmly in place by three soldered rivets. Both clamshells are neatly hand enhanced with scrolling lines.
The orange trylon grip is wound with two twisted brass wires, one of which has snapped in half at some point. The pommel features oak leaf motif with hand enhanced background. The scabbard is made of stiffened leather base which was wrapped in a very fine black leather, then joined together on the reverse side and neatly stitched. The gilded brass fittings are stapled in place to the leather scabbard. The numeral "5" is stamped under the scabbard fitting's staples. The upper scabbard staple has become loose over time, and lightly grazes the blade when unsheathing. The scabbard is in excellent condition with a few scattered light marks and crazing to the leather.
Overall, this is an excellent sword and one that is missing in many high end collections.

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