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Fine All Original Confederate Leech & Rigdon Revolver With SC Marking on bottom of grip. This revolver is 100% original in all regards. Serial number 1046 is present on all parts that should be numbered, including latch, barrel, wedge, loading arm, trigger guard, hammer, frame and cylinder.  Wood grip is numbered internally 1046. Fit and finish of this revolver is excellent. The arbor has a small metal plate added to the channel that wedge fits into to make if fit tighter to frame. These is no play between barrel and frame and the action is tight and indexes perfectly.

This revolver is unusual in that the rifling appears to have been bored out smooth. Another feature not seen on other Rigdon revolvers is that each chamber on the cylinder is numbered 1-6 between nipples as well as the cylinder face.

The SC marking appears on other L&R's in this serial range. To date 29 revolvers have been noted with this mark. It is not known at this time if there was a contract with the state of South Carolina or if they were issued by a South Carolina armory.

All metal parts are smooth with a clean white appearance. Some original finish can be seen with good lighting. Frame and recoil shields have remnants of smoky case color. The wood grips are smooth with good color and fit perfectly. Leech & Rigdon CSA barrel marking is a little weak but at this point in production the dies were very worn and a full marking is almost never seen in this range.

A letter from noted Confederate handgun authority John Sexton dated 2002 details some provenance. The letter illustrates an original Confederate holster accompanied this gun. The holster illustrated in the letter will convey to the new owner of this marvelous Confederate revolver.

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