Fine Leech & Rigdon Revolver Documented and Authenticated

Our Price: $35000

Fine Leech & Rigdon Revolver Documented and Authenticated by noted Confederate Revolver expert John G. Sexton and is sold with his detailed letter documenting the completeness and authenticity of this revolver. Below are selected excerpts from the report.

Copy of Colt model 1851 Navy with round barrel, octagonal barrel housing (lug) marked on top flat “LEECH & RIGDON CSA”. The dies used for maker are partially filled and consistent to other original examples. In addition to standard positions on Colts, Leech has serial numbers stamped externally on loading lever catch. Distinctive slotted hammer for safety pins on cylinder, “ball and pin” latch on end of loading rod. Drilled through original front post sight into bore. “S.C” surcharge found on bottom of left grip. This surcharge is unique to Leech revolvers SN range about 1000-1300.

Serial Number 1031 is found on the left side of cylinder, bottom of frame (3031), barrel housing (3031), triggerguard, and backstrap. SN 3031 on frame and barrel housing, is an obvious factory error of transcribing “3” for “1” on these two parts. Grips were not removed but no doubt original and often numbered in pencil in grip strap channel. Serial number also found on loading arm catch, wedge, loading lever.

SN 1031 appears 100% original and authentic in every regard. The highest serial number noted made by Leech & Rigdon (or marked Leech & Rigdon) is 1463, though 2 authors (Wall and Meredith) cite 1481 and 1489 which are undocumented and just possible serial numbers based on successor author’s serial numbers listed at times of their articles. Regardless no more than about 1500 Leech & Rigdon revolvers of all configurations were manufactured and of as this date I have notes on 157 examples which is about 10.6% of total production. SN 1031 was added to database, January 2020.

Serial numbers, maker’s mark, “CSA” and “SC” surcharge are all well discerned. Iron frame, barrel, loading assembly, cylinder, and hammer have overall gray/bright patina with sharp edge wear.
Grips are sound, well fit with hand-worn patina, light to moderate edge wear, tacking marks on butt, small chip on one toe, hand-worn patina with “five notches” carved on left side. Mechanically crisp with well-defined rifling in good bore.
This revolver falls in range of the last Greensboro, Georgia produced revolvers. The parts are made in Greensboro but possibly assembled in Augusta, Georgia. The “S.C” surcharge is unknown but is possibly South Carolina or CS government inspector found on revolvers prior to Wescom Hudgins government inspection with one gun having both (SN 1262). This “S.C” surcharge is observed only between serial numbers 1000 and 1300, lowest number recorded is SN 1007 and highest is 1290.


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