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This sword is featured in figure 107 on page 108 of American Silver-Hilted, Revolutionary, and Early Federal Swords" by Daniel D. Hartzler.

It has a broad, curved single fuller blade with fire blued panels on each side and gilt washed engraved designs including an Indian chief on one side and a patriotic eagle holding an "E Pluribus Unum" banner in its mouth, and an engraved "Warranted" banner below stars.

Engraved gilt brass reverse "P" hilt with small languettes. Hilt engraved in various places, including quillon engraved on both sides with a flower, ring in front of grip, and bottom of hilt engraved with flowers and oak leaves. Engraved with an Edelweiss on pommel and oak leaves above grip. Back of guard is also engraved. Ivory grip has a checkered panel on the right side.

Complete with original gilt brass scabbard with chiseled brass mounts featuring oak leaves and acorns, each with a ring. Scabbard is decorated with engraved patterns and large leaves. Drag has a rattlesnake in relief around the mount. Scabbard also features two repousse panels on the front; one with Lady Liberty posing with a canon and eagle. Scabbard has a thick ring at throat cut for languettes.

Blade retains about 70% fire blued finish with much of gilt still intact, especially in engraved lines. Blade otherwise retains much of original polish with scattered areas of dark freckling and some pitting near tip. Hilt retains a mostly unpolished patina with a few small traces of gilt in protected areas. Scabbard retains 80-90% original gilt finish with wear on raised areas, which retain a dark patina. PROVENANCE: Ex. Collection of Daniel D. Hartzler

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