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Harpers Ferry Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle With Saber Bayonet And Adapter. 54 caliber with a 33 inch barrel.  

Standard configuration 1841 US "Mississippi rifle". This example is a dark "as found", example with heavy pitting around breech which obscured barrel date & inspection. "1853" Dated lock, correct Harper's Ferry inspector initials on stock "JKL". This is a good example with a serialized attached bayonet adapter attached to muzzle. Bayonet is serial number 3000 and dated 1861.
CONDITION: good overall. Iron is dark and pitted especially at breech, brass has a light mustard patina, stock is sound & well fit with hand worn patina & numerous small cosmetic blemishes unaffecting aesthetics. Mechanically fine w/ well defined rifling bore with pitting. Bayonet is matching condition with dark blade. PROVENANCE: Collection of Lewis Leigh Jr.

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