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For a nearly identical example, see figure 579 on page 641 of "American Silver-Hilted, Revolutionary and Early Federal Swords" by Daniel D. Hartzler. Hartzler attributes these swords to New Orleans, Louisiana manufacture, as they have French style hilts.

The extremely long, curved, single edged blade has a wide shallow fuller and a narrow deep fuller above. There are shaped blued panels with gilt decoration on both sides. The right side is engraved with floral motifs, Lady Liberty, a mounted cavalry officer, and a "WARRANTED" banner. The other side shows floral motifs, a splayed eagle with "UNITED / STATES" banner and a stand of arms. There is also a "WOOLEY / DEAKON" banner and an acanthus leaf at the ricasso.

The solid silver stirrup-hilt is in the French taste and has a knuckle-turned quillon. The hollow knucklebow has a faceted ovoid section in the center surrounded by a ball on each side. French pommel fluted on top with a faceted section below. Grip is of ivory and has checkered panels on each side and fluted sections on the top and bottom.

36 inch Blade retains a spotted grey patina with some areas of heavy corrosion, washing out some areas of engraved decoration. Much of the gilt remains in engraved designs and some areas show generous amounts of original blue finish. Hilt retains a mellow patina with some darker areas and minor denting. Original capstan has been replaced with a brass capstan. Grip has a pleasing dark honey patina with some minor chipping and some age cracks. A very attractive and scarce American silver-hilted cavalry saber.

PROVENANCE: Ex. William H. Guthman Collection

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