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Complete set of the beautifully engraved Erlanger bonds which were sold in England and France to raise much needed funds for the war. Printed in both British and French denominations and in both French and English text, all signed by Confederate Commissioner John Slidell, with beautiful vignette of Liberty holding the “stars and bars” her arm resting on bales of cotton standing over a tobacco plant with sailing ship in background. Each bond is also sealed with the “Confederate States of America Treasury Department” blind stamp with palmetto tree.

Denominations are 100, 200, 500 and 1000 British pounds with corresponding amounts in French francs. These bonds have a most interesting history which can be found on-line. The British and French governments tried to collect on these bonds from the United States Government well into the 20th century. Bonds are complete with thirty-six remaining coupons each up to the date of war’s end when interest was no longer being paid. Bonds measure about 23″ x 18″ and 29″ x 23″ archival frames. 

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