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Scarce Early Transitional Model Confederate Fayetteville Rifle. This rifle has characteristics of both the Type II and Type III rifles as described in the landmark reference 'Confederate Rifles & Muskets' by Murphy and Madaus. The most notable difference is the use of a low hump 1862 dated lock plate fitted with a model 1855 style hammer used on rifles produced by Harpers Ferry. It should also be noted that this rifle is fitted with an iron nose cap.

This rifle was recently discovered in Alabama and I purchased it at the Chattanooga show in July. It was missing the ramrod and in need of restoration including wood repairs. Professional restoration is complete and it came out quite nice.

33 inch barrel with correct front sight and bayonet lug. Rear sight appears to be a crude period replacement. Barrel is devoid of markings, probably lightly struck and now obscured by pitting around the bolster. Both barrel bands are original and complete with sling swivels.

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