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This sword is in spectacular condition with lots of original gilt finish on the hilt and a wonderful blued, gilt, and bright-etched blade with eagle motif on blade and hilt. It is a showpiece for condition and decoration, elaborate but not overdone.

The hilt has a very nice, white bone grip incised with two crosshatched panels and a band of chevrons. The eagle cast and chased with an open mouth, the brass between the upper and lower jaw pierced with a small hole for a fine sword knot. The eagle’s feathers are deeply chased and extend a short distance down the backstrap. The reverse-P knucklebow is cast in the form of a serpent rising to meet the eagle, their heads nestling together at the top, the serpent’s back being crested with rococo curling leaves. The guard is flat, but the quillon is scrolled with a leaf on the top curl. The langets are cast integrally with the guard and feature a griffin or phoenix-like eagle with upraised wings standing on a leaf and berry wreath.

Both sides of the blade are embellished with five dry-point etched panels: three gilt highlighted panels separated by two bright-etched, all on a luminous blue ground with gilt edges top and bottom along two-thirds of its length, with the blue ending in curling waves offset by the bright surface of the blade from there to the tip. The obverse at bottom has a gilt stand of arms with prominent liberty cap on pole, with a bright floral panel above. The central motif is a wonderful gilt American eagle with upswept wings, mirroring the langets to a degree, with a US shield on its chest and E Pluribus Unum ribbon overhead, and a bright floral panel above, the whole ending with a gilt knotted wreath at top. The reverse uses a gilt floral panel at bottom, a bright etched panel with floral entwined shield, quiver and flag on pike, gilt standing Greco-Roman warrior with spear, bow and quiver, followed by another bright floral panel and terminating with a similar, gilt loose floral element featuring and open knotted wreath at top.

The brass scabbard is complete with throat, ringbands and narrow drag. It is plain on the reverse. The obverse is beautifully engraved to imitate leaves wrapping it along the top and bottom edges from the throat to below the middle band and then along the bottom edge at the drag and for a distance up. Between the ring mounts is deeply engraved a wide eight-pointed star or starburst.

The condition is outstanding overall. There is only one shallow chip to the grip just under the back strap on the obverse. The blade is bright, the blue luminous, and the gilding is vibrant. Hilt and scabbard preserve 90 percent of the gilding with just the slightest of rubbing on the lower edge of the scabbard near the drag and a little to the highpoints of the eagle’s head, backstrap and upper knucklebow, with a small dark spot on the inside of the guard just where the serpent rises to meet the eagle.  Only the drypoint etched “Warranted” appears on the blade in an arc below the stand of arms on the obverse, pointing to a British maker about 1820. 

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