US Martially Marked Henry Rifle Veteran of Civil War and Frontier

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US Martially Marked Henry Rifle Veteran of Civil War and Frontier.

Manufactured 1863. One of the most iconic of all US Martial arms, the New Haven Arms Model 1860 Henry rifle proved itself to be invaluable on the battlefield of War Between the States, and later were used extensively in the period of Westward Expansion.

Invented by B. Tyler Henry and became a success under the management of Oliver Winchester. The Henry rifle has captivated large numbers of collectors of US military small arms, Winchesters, as well as cowboy collectors worldwide. 

This is serial number 3231 with the US military inspector marking "C.G.C." on right barrel flat and a clearly discernible outline of cartouche in the buttstock. Marked with "H" inspection for B.T. Henry himself on the barrel, receiver and buttplate.

Originally chambered for the .44 Henry Rimfire cartridge, this rifle has been post-Civil War converted to .44 Centerfire for continued use after the war Probably on the frontier. The alteration has no effect on the outward appearance of the rifle and shows just how treasured it was by its owner. Only seen on the front of the bolt.

Matching serial numbers are observed on top barrel flat at chamber, lower tang on left side, buttstock on top mortise, and buttplate at interior of toe. Top buttplate screw is also numbered however the balance of screws are void of markings. Two line New Haven Arms barrel address on top barrel flat. Nickel blade front site with 900 yard marked rear elevator sight (possible reproduction). Slab sawed American walnut buttstock with brass rounded heel buttplate.

Very good as presented with slight conservation. The barrel and gulleted magazine have turned a chocolate brown patina consistent with age. The gunmetal brass receiver and buttplate show a mustard patina over rounded edges from age and some later staining from an old preservative That will flake off easily. The walnut stock is rather weathered and has some exterior material loss and has been stained or treated with a preservative but is solid and full sized. The rear tang screw is a modern replacement as is one of the buttplate screws. Bore is slightly dark but has very strong rifling and action operates properly.

A great piece of American Firearms history with obvious post war use that has a very pleasant look and appeal.

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